Deck Scalers with unmatched durability  - Crafted in Norway

Clean Ships. Clean Ocean.

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Premium deck scalers designed exclusively for the Maritime Industry with a global footprint.

We build machines that last for generations. We steer clear of the throw-away culture and are conscious of all materials chosen during production. Our machines not only ensure excellent results and performance but also places environmental protection at the forefront.

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Last year our clients descaled about 2 million m² of steel surface using Rustibus. This amounts to approx 4 million kg of waste. We offer solutions and encourage our clients to collect waste, preventing it from ending up in the ocean.

Product range

A machine for every corner of the ship.

Rustibus® Clean Ocean

Paint is plastic. Preventing it from ending up in our ocean is essential for the health of our marine ecosystems. We are committed to being part of the solution and we strongly emphasize waste collection as a crucial component of our efforts.

Clean Ships. Clean Ocean.
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Events with Rustibus®

Throughout the year Rustibus will be exhibiting at a number of
trade-shows and conferences. These events give us the opportunity to meet new and established clients face to face. It also provides opportunities to handle and test our products to really understand the quality and results they offer.